Vintners Look Past Napa Valley.. but not far

Due to a lack of land on the floor of Napa Valley, vinters are looking to the east side of the valley to continue growth.
Four development projects are set to go before the Napa County Planning Commission. These vineyeards would cover more than 1,000 acres covering land between Lake Hennessey and Soscol Ridge. One vineyard, Stagecoach Vineyards, is already set to go into construction.
Stagecoach Vineyards is planning to break ground in early April in the Rector Canyon watershed. This vineyard will cover 107 acres off Soda Canyon Road. It will be planted to cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, malbec, cabernet franc, Chardonnay and Grenache.
Dr. Jan Krupp chose the site because “there is great sun exposure and it’s above the fog. The property is also sheltered from the heat waves that can scorch the valley floor in the summer,” Krupp told Sonoma News.
Other vineyards in talks include Foes Valley, Soscol Creek, Sage Canyon and Walt Ranch.
Foes Valley wants to develop 337 acres of cabernet sauvignon on land that once was a cattle ranch. The plan is to start planting the vineyard in the summer but it may wait until next year. The site is off Atlas Peak in Foss Valley. Plans for this site also including improving the roads surrounding the vineyard.
Soscol Creek purchased 2,200 acres near Jaimieson Canyon Road and the slopes north toward the Syar quarry near Napa. Sage Canyon is looking to develop on 160 acres on the southwest side of Lake Hennessey. Cattle currently graze on the land. Finally Craig and Kathryn Hall of Hall Winery are looking to develop 397 acres at Walt Ranch into a vineyard.
All vineyards have taken time to put environmental concerns into their blue prints.
The huge projects are slated throughout the next year and will greatly benefit the current area.
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