Pierce's Disease may Become a Worry

Vineyards in Temecula County (California) are warned the vine-killing Pierce’s disease may soon be a problem. The insect that causes this disease is nearly at record height. The last time the numbers were so high was in 2000 when the disease nearly destroyed the entire county.
The Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office conducted a report that draws growers’ attention to the problems. Although the office does not predict an epidemic, it warns growers they must do their part to control the problem.
If the population of insects is not controlled the report said “the pastoral beauty, elegance and distinction of this unique region of the country will be at risk.
The disease is caused by bacteria that is carried by sharpshooters that jump from vine to vine. The bacteria disease is untreatable and cuts off the vines’ water supply.
To prevent the disease growers must apply pesticides that repel or kill sharpshooters. With the economy in recession many people have cut back on pesticides or ignored them all together. Half-treatments can lead to a bigger problem because the sharpshooters can slowly build up a resistance to the repellent.
The last outbreak caused nearly $20 million in damages so it is important for growers to take precautionary steps.
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