The Domaine Marchele Vineyards

Mark and Michele Havel opened Domaine Marchele Vineyards three years ago. The seven-acre farm was in foreclosure, and the couple restored the granary, house and constructed an auxiliary farm building. On top of all the renovations, they planted 1,000 grapevines, creating an Ohio-based vineyard. They plan to plant more grapevines on an additional five acres they purchased nearby.
Not only will they plant grapevines here, but a retail outlet will be built to sell their boutique wine. The operation is not only a local business, but is powered by solar and wind energy. “It’s not directed toward the local mark,” Mark explained to the Star Beacon. The main focus is true wine enthusiasts.
Mark and Michele were both Realtors who had a dream. Mark became interested in the industry after working as a Realtor on a complex winery sale.
Soon he found land in Conneaut near the pioneering Markko Vineyard of Arnulf Esterer. The land has good drainage to Conneaut Creek and has great views of Lake Erie. Old-timers believe this means it is good growing land.
“Once you start looking at this, you see this is a very nice area to do this sort of thing,” Mark said. “Compared to where we came form, this is ridiculously cheap. I’m surprised more people don’t get off the sofa and do something like this.”
The Havels are ordinary people that had a vision. Their story could be much like your own. If you are interested in joining the vineyard community, contact Farm Plus today. Vineyard loans are available to help you grow your business. Call 866-929-5585 or contact us online for more information and our current rates.