Lodi Grows Even Through the Recession

Despite what it may seem areas like Lodi,Cal. are continuing to grow in the wine industry.
Those behind the abundance of wineries in Lodi have the same philosophy. “Lodi for many years now has had the strategy of developing itself as…a tourist destination with the wine industry as a leading attraction,” Mark lovnick, vice president of economic development at the University of the Pacific told the Stockton Record. “It’s kind of a cluster effect: The more of these places you put in it becomes more of an attraction… so then the more businesses you attract… success begets success.”
The Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery is one of the businesses expanding into Lodi. It currently awaits clearnace from the city to begin offering handcrafted wines and bread in a renovated building in the downtown area.
Today 40 operations similar to The Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery exist in Lodi. Since the 1990s it has been a rapidly increasing area for wineries and vineyards.
Many of the wineries belong to business men, but others are owned by people who simply love wine.
Greg Lewis, a clinical psychologist in Lodi, is just one example of enthusiast turned businessman.
“I’ve been planning for probably the last 10 years to do a winery up at my rance in Clements,” he said. This seem too far away to draw in a good crowd of tourists, so he relocated his dream. Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery is the result.
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