Farm Operating Lines of Credit

Finance the day-to-day needs of your operation and take advantage of new opportunities with a line of credit from Farm Plus Financial. Manage your cash flow, purchase new equipment, or invest in capital improvements while enjoying the added benefit of tax-deductible interest.

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Farm operating lines of credit are a financial lifeline to most working farms. These types of loans are revolving debts that can be borrowed and paid back to fund the yearly costs of farm operations, including typical farm expenses such as seed, fertilizer, labor, irrigation, tillage, and harvest. Add a line of credit to help manage working capital and maintain adequate cash on hand.

Our uniquely designed operating loans carry a 10-year draw period, allowing you to draw on your line over 10 years. This can be very beneficial as it doesn’t require an annual fee to renew the line, plus we don’t require new underwriting every year either! Another great feature of our line of credit is a built-in conversion option which permits you to convert any portion of your line of credit to a mortgage at any time during the draw period.



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Line of Credit Rates

Interest rates for most operating lines of credit are adjustable rates with margins based on the banks’ cost of funds who are providing the capital. The most common two indexes used in determining pricing/interest rates for most operating loans are the WSJP (Wall Street Journal Prime Rate) and the 1-month LIBOR Index (London Internal Bank Overnight Rate).

Collateral for a Farm Operating Line Of Credit from

Somewhat uncommon are operating loans secured with farm real estate. These loans have significant benefits to most farmers with adequate equity to obtain a loan based on the equity in their farmland. Loan terms are often extended over the annual loan renewal terms and can be extended upwards of 10 years.

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The benefits of a real-estate-based operating loan are having longer term availability to obtain capital and not having to rely on bank loan committees to approve annual operating capital on an annual basis. Farm operating loans secured by real estate often also have lower rates and no annual fees.

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