Ranch Loans

How do Ranch Loans differ from other Ag Loans or Residential Loans?

No matter if you are expanding your operations or just entering the industry, the biggest obstacle is creating a budget that is realistic. Having a lender who understands ranch loan budgets is a crucial element.

Ranch expansions are often bought in areas with large amounts of land, frequently in a different location from where the borrower has set up shop. With the added strain of navigating a new area, determining how many animals a property can support can become difficult. Similar to farm operations, ranchers need to consider vegetation, forage, soil, precipitation, and more factors that lenders traditionally do not review due to the fact that there is no crop production. An expansion or new ranch would typically require the purchase of additional livestock to make the property profitable.

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Developing a realistic budget that includes these elements can be tricky, especially due to livestock price fluctuation. Research missing this critical information, including all associated costs for each animal, has the potential to launch you into a financial bind. The key to success is properly structuring your finances during the first part of a new operation, with the ultimate goal of seeing a return on purchased livestock as soon as possible.

When working with a ranch loan lender, look for someone who will:

  • consider costs required to Invest in new livestock
  • consider costs of livestock production
  • understand all aspects of your ranching operation
  • understand the length of time needed to see net profits and structure financing accordingly
Sheep Ranch Loan

Ranch loans require flexibility, especially in payment options, repayment periods, and debt consolidation options, which are typically not available through standard mortgages.

Every year can be different for your ranch operation as livestock sales prices fluctuate annually. Working with a ranch loan lender that knows what drives costs and how to facilitate your ranch allows you to choose the best loan product to suit your needs long-term, and have the support you need in unforeseen circumstances.

Farm Plus Financial has experience working with:

  • dairy farmers
  • registered cattle operations
  • commercial cattle operations
  • cattle brokerage operations
  • feedlot operators
  • finishing lot operators
  • breeding and production facilities
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Many of these operations work hand in hand, creating some of the best ranching operations in the nation. We understand the intersection of these facilities and can provide lending for large, multi-functional ranching operations, as well as small commercial programs.

Ranch loan needs vary from person to person and must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Understanding your needs for your specific operation is a fundamental element when choosing a ranch loan lender. Grazing operation needs like cattle or sheep are going to differ widely from wild game ranches. Facility costs and infrastructure are some factors that also must be considered at the client level. Using a lender, like Farm Plus Financial, that fundamentally understands all the aspects of these operations will make the lending process easier, and set you up for financial success.

Our ranch loans must be secured with agricultural real estate and be a minimum of $200,000. For established ranchers looking to expand their operations, we offer a wide variety of options, including lines of credit that can help pay for livestock, equipment, and farm improvements and operations. Most of our ranch loans offer no prepayment penalties, allowing refinancing for shorter-term debts into longer-term programs. 

Cattle Ranch Loan

Expand your ranch, purchase land, or refinance your existing debts for a better rate and term. 

What People Are Saying

Extremely pleased with Farm Plus Financial. Aaron and Nina were completely amazing, excellent communication, timely responses and a sincere desire to do everything possible to make the loan a reality. Can say without hesitation that the level of service and professionalism Aaron and his team have provided us was truly outstanding. 

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Rob Murry and Farm Plus Financial deserve a five star rating for their excellent work in refinancing our California Central Coast cattle ranch. We found their pricing to be totally reasonable and their service to be excellent. Most importantly, they lived up to all their promises and made the paperwork flow and closing simple.