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As a leading farm and agriculture lender in America, Farm Plus Financial is pleased to offer the best products and farm loan options, designed to provide flexibility to all our qualifying customers, on every loan we offer.

Our most commonly underwritten term loan program. With qualified LTV up to 70%, covering all loan products up to $50 million.StandardLowest rates. Traditional term loans reserved for highly qualified borrowers at 60% or lower LTV covering notes up to $50 million.PrimeExpedited processing. For certain applicants, we offer this program with a more streamlined process. For loans up to $3 million.FastTrackWith only basic LTV and credit qualifications, this program eliminates many source document requirements, making it our most streamlined program available. Loans up to $3 million.ExpressOur farm operating LOC can be used to finance the day-to-day needs of your operation and allow you to take advantage of new opportunities, such as land improvements, equipment purchase, etc. Lines Of CreditOur portfolio products are occasionally used for non-standard situations and specialty circumstances. These unique cases may require creative underwriting and/or the use of alternate funding sources.Portfolio
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Loan Features

Pre-Payment Penalties: Most of our loan products come standard with no prepayment penalties.

Conversion Option: A conversion option is designed to allow our customers to convert from a shorter term or variable rate to a fixed rate on any chosen payment date. Conversion options allow our customers to easily convert to a longer term without having to submit new financials or paying for a new appraisal.

Split-Loan Option: This option permits our customers to split their farm loan into multiple parts, which allows customers a combination of lower interest expense, as shorter term rates provide, yet the security of long term rates. For example, a customer might elect to place half of their mortgage on a variable rate product and the other half on a longer-term fixed-rate option. Using this approach a customer benefits from a lower weighted average interest rate on the total mortgage, but also provides security against rising rates, which creates an interest rate hedge.

Seasoned Loan Option: A seasoned loan option is available to customers that have been with us for 5 years or more with good payment history. Farm Plus Financial can provide a rate and term refinance of the current note with no appraisal and little to no credit requirements.

Payment Dates: We offer monthly, semi-annual, and annual payment date options.

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What People Are Saying

Great experience! I worked with Mike Kinyoun. He helped guide me through the whole process and helped me secure a parcel I have had my eye on for 15 years. With the thorough underwriting process, I was able to make a great offer and acquire the property. I have never dealt with a lender without walking into a bank, so this was a new and great experience for me. Thank you , Mike and Farm Plus Financial!


We were in a complicated land contract. The contact holder made things difficult with financial demands and delaying the release of the contract. Rob offered assistance to our attorney and stuck with us through it all. Nina was always extremely helpful with our questions of the needed documents and the process in general. They were always a phone call away. We can’t say enough about the team at Farm Plus. They made what seemed to be an impossible situation, possible. Thank you.

-Hubert and Sally





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