Consolidate Your DebtLower Your PaymentsLong TermStabilityHow can refinancing help you?When Interest Rates DropYou’ve Recently Paid Off DebtCredit Score IncreaseWhen should you refinance?

Refinancing with Farm Plus Financial is a great way to get customized restructuring of your debt for your individual financial needs.

People refinance for a wide range of reasons. Often one might refinance their current debt obligations in order to consolidate debt, tap into equity, decrease monthly payments (improving cash flow), or simply take advantage of significant market rate drops. Every situation is different. Please give us a call to discuss yours and how a refinance may help.

Most lenders will charge fees to refinance a loan. If you plan to stay in the property for less than a couple of years, your monthly savings may not get a chance to accumulate and recoup these costs. Let’s say a lender charged $1,000 to refinance, but it resulted in a monthly savings of $50. It would take 20 months (1,000 divided 50) to recoup the initial costs before you start to realize some savings. Some lenders will charge a slightly higher than average interest rate on refinanced loans, but waive all costs associated with the loan. The attractiveness of these loans will depend on the interest rate you are being charged on your current loan. Contact us to learn more!

A cash-out refinance offers the opportunity to use the equity you already own to pay off other debts, including non-business purchases and out-of-pocket closing costs. This type of refinancing often has no restrictions but is dependent on borrower circumstances. offers competitive refinancing to qualified candidates looking to optimize their financial success. Get Started Now!

What People Are Saying

Mike Kinyoun and his assistant Nina Lukach of Farm Plus Financial are consummate professionals and did a great job on my 83 acre farm refinance. I had a special situation which required a short term bridge loan to save my equity in the farm and which also increased my stress level by a lot. Mike and Nina were there to act as knowledgeable advisers throughout and then came through with the long term take out financing that saved my farm and provided me with a great rate. I would highly recommend Farm Plus Financial.


Robert Murry and Nina Lukach were wonderful to work with. There were many facets of our personal situation that needed to happen prior to approval. Robert and Nina helped me meander through the process to help me refinance our farm with much better terms. Rob suggested a loan program that was perfect for our situation, and we are so glad we found Farm Plus to help us.






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