Easy Management for Wineries

Temecula Valley Winery Management has teamed up with Elypsis, Inc. and eWinery Solutions to offer customers software and hardware to manage sales, shipping, accounting, inventory, wine clubs and compliance.
“Over the past two years, we’ve made it easier and affordable for anyone who has signed up for our unique winery management services to get into the wine business,” Rebaux Steyn, managing director of Temecula Valley Winery Management said. “Now we can give our clients the latest technological tools and flexibility to better manage all aspects of their business and remain compliant with regulatory agencies.”
Microsoft provided 100 percent financing for the integrated winery technology package. Included is a tasting room POS (point of sale) system, eCommerce web solution for selling wine online and all necessary hardware for compliance management and services necessary for running a winery.
Temecula Valley Winery opened a year ago to help about a dozen clients to make, bottle and sell their own boutique wines. The vendor facility is 33,000 square-foot and is located in Temecula, Cal.
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