Green Vineyards Benefit the Earth and The Product

John Fetzer, owner of Saracina Vineyards in Mendocino County, California recently shared his experience of owning a green vineyard with the Star Tribune.
Everything is going green, vineyards are no exception. Not only does being Green benefit the Earth and make you feel good inside, but grape growers will firmly agree that being Green will benefit your wine as well.
Many growers are using little to no pesticides and chemical fertilizers and using practices that were used long before pesticides and fertilizers were discovered.
Such methods include composts and using alternative soil conditioners.
“This approach just brings your vineyard alive,” Fetzer said. “You end up with a healthier plant, and you see that in the juice. The plant ripens faster, which means you can harvest earlier and get better sugar, acid and pH ratios.”
Fetzer who grew up on 720 acres of farmland watched as his parents switch from “organic” farming to chemical controls. They watched the land decline for five years before switching back.
He points out that there are multiple benefits to going green. “Once you get set up, it costs the same, maybe less. And the big plus is the safety of our employees. Not using herbicides or pesticides, you have a lot more footprints in your vineyard. You can pay a lot more attention to what’s going on there. I see vineyards with pesticides, and they just look sick. But most of them are converting because the growers can’t sell their grapes anymore.”
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