Moth Threatens California Grapes

The European grapevine moth is causing great damage to vineyard crops across Napa Valley.
Producers have managed to quarantine the species in Napa Valley, but are fearful for those in the nearby San Joaquin Valley. California’s agriculture is nearly dependent on the $220 million grape crop. The moth could do major damage to the overall crop production in the state.
The European grapevine moth appeared in Napa last year during harvest putting all producers in a panic. Paul Verdegaal, University of California Farm Advisor, told KCRA news, “The problem with any introduced or invasive species like this is, when they arrive someplace like this, is the usual predators and parasites that attack them in their home territories aren’t located here, so it has free reign for awhile.”
A number of producers have run into a problem of destroying and trapping the pest because the fields are organic and cannot use pesticides.
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