California Fruit Crops are Promising

California is one of the largest fruit-producing states across the country. Currently two crops look promising for this and next year’s harvest.
Navel oranges are a large crop in California’s San Joaquin Valley. As of mid-April naval orange trees have began to bloom. As the trees blossom they give off a sweet aroma which attracts many visitors every year and are enjoyed by harvesters as they begin to pick the fruit from the trees. The harvest is expected to continue through June, but blooming will only continue through the end of April.
Cherries are generally a bountiful crop in California as well. Farmers have began harvesting California’s cherry crops, but so far the volume is small in Kern County. The early fruit is generally sent out for exports and demand is expected to be high this year. Some farmers fear that rain could damage the crops, but no damage has been reported thus far.
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