Top Wind Power States

The American Wind Energy Association released data announcing the top states currently producing wind energy and those that have plans for future wind power projects.
1. Texas. Texas currently has 7,907 megawatts of wind power. 1,102 megawatt are in construction now.
2. Iowa. Iowa has 2,883 megawatts and 210 under construction.
3. California. California has 2,653 megawatts of wind power with 125 under construction.
4. Minnesota. With 1,803 megawatts across the state of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota comes in fourth.
5. Washington. Washington is right behind Minnesota with 1,479 megawatts.
6. Oregon. Oregon currently has 1,363 megawatts of wind power with 126 under construction.
7. New York. New York has 1,262 megawatts today, with 21 under construction.
8. Colorado. As the eighth top state in the United States, Colorado has 1,068 megawatts of wind powered electricity.
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