"California Grown" Campaign Links Specialty Crops to Daily Life

According to research by the Buy California Marketing Agreement (BCMA), California’s specialty crops yield $15.9 billion annually. The research is part of the new “California Grown” campaign.
“The research clearly indicates that California’s specialty crops touch every aspect of California life and positively impact the economic vitality of our state,” Maile Shanahan Geis, BCMA Executive Director said via press release.
The “California Grown” campaign is geared to educate Californians how important it is to purchase California-grown products. The information comes from a study that followed 15 California specialty shops varying from wine and dairy to cut flowers and raisins.
After conducting research, Dennis H. Tootelian, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Small Business at California State University, Sacramento found the industry provided more than 137,435 new jobs and $5.2 billion in revenue was created in spending from the industry. $567.7 million went to indirect business taxes as well. These taxes pay for many state and local programs.
Ultimately the study found that regardless what you do as a job or where you live in California, specialty crops play a vital role in your life.
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