Groundbreaking Ceremony in Mojave for World's Largest Wind Farm

Mojave, California is hitting the news as the California groundbreaking ceremony for the world’s largest wind farm was completed. The governor said it is a sign of the state’s leadership in green energy.
Terra-Gen Power and California officials met for the groundbreaking ceremony for the 1,500-megawatt wind farm. The project will provide 1.1 million Californians. A reduction of an estimated 52 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions will result from the large wind farm.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the state policies in renewable energy can be attributed for the project. He said, “Having the world’s largest wind project break ground in our state is tangible evidence that our pioneering policies are drawing investment, improving the economy and creating jobs now when we need them most.”
When the 600 wind turbine project is complete, the wind-power capacity in California will rise by 25 percent. Not only will it increase the amount of wind-power capacity, but the project will also boost the local economy by providing jobs.
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