CFBF Backs Whitman

Over the past seven years Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in California’s state office. Throughout his career he has dealt with a number of agricultural issues in one of the largest farming states in the country. However, producers are looking for a serious change in the industry.
The California Farm Bureau Federation announced its support for republican candidate, Meg Whitman.
“As small business owners, family farmers think it’s important to elect a governor who has had to meet a payroll and cope with all the regulations that California businesses face,” Paul Wenger, president of the federation, said via press release. “Meg Whitman will bring business sense to Sacramento that will help her cure California’s spending problems.”
One of the biggest issues pressing California is water irrigation. The state has been in a drought for over three years. The CFBF is impressed with Whitman’s support of the construction of new reservoirs. Wenger feels that this is an answer to not only help the large agricultural industry in California, but to help create jobs in the industry as well.
Governor elections are set for November.
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