Almond Acreages and Water Allocations Increase for 2010

Things are starting to look up for producers in California.
Almonds are one of the quickest growing crops in the state of California. As the leading export crop, almond demand is on the rise. In the last year the demand has increased by nine percent according to marketers in the state.
The United States Department of Agriculture reported that farmers are responding the increased demand by planting two percent more acres of almonds this season. Exports are one of the leading ways the agricultural industry makes money.
In other news producers south of the delta can expect a 40 percent increase in water allocations for this season.
After snow pack reports are at their highest since 2006, more water is running off into the reservoir. Officials have also made deals with other companies and cities to get water from other locations as well.
This news is a breath of relief for most producers in the area following three years or minimal water usage due to drought conditions. The official announcement regarding water allocation will take place at the end of May.
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