California Farmers Stay Optimistic

It’s no secret the recession hit the agriculture industry hard. However, in the past months improvements over the industries and crop growths have left California farmers optimistic for the future.
Dairy Farmers were one of the hardest hit throughout the economic problems. For many months these producers have been selling milk for below production cost and often sought out governmental assistance to make up for losses. Although times are hard even now, according to the California Farm Bureau, a number of farmers believe after April things will start looking up with a higher demand for milk.
Cattle ranchers across California are also seeing light at the end of the tunnel. After a rough year the beef markets are finally recovering with an increse in beef exports. Winter rains also helped rangelands recover, providing more grazing land for cattle.
Finally, Apricot farmers were hesitant when crops were behind a few days. However, crops bounced back with impressive numbers and quality product. California is responsible for 90 percent of the apricot crops across the United States.
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