California Production Halted by Rain

Although the wheat and corn crops are ahead of schedule across the country, California farmers are waiting for dry weather to complete their seeding.
California farmers are thankful for any precipitation that falls since the state has been in drought-conditions for three years. However, the current rainfall is preventing farmers from completing the preparation and planting of several crops including melons, tomatoes and various vegetables.
Hail has caused damages to some tree crops such as nuts and oranges, but until mid-May farmers will not see how much damaged was actually caused by the weather.
Cold temperatures have also prevented farmers from completing the planting of cotton crops. Cotton is expected to be one of California’s largest crops after a years of being one of the smaller crops produced in the state.
California is one of the leading states in the agriculture industry. San Joaquin Valley is one of the largest producing areas for fruits, vegetables, nuts and other crops despite drought conditions.
Once the grounds dry up and weather warms up farmers expect to get back on the planting schedule.
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