Beef Numbers Look Up

The California Farm Bureau is optimistic for the up coming summer, or grilling season, in relation to American beef.
Compared to past years, California producers are prepared for the season which brings in high sales for ranchers across the state, and country. Ranchers in California have had a good season with winter rains that helped nourish grass for feed and filled ponds on the land cattle graze on.
Although this winter went well, the CFBF reports that ranchers will wait one more winter to see if the improvement is consistent before increasing herd numbers.
Beef demand will also increase as the U.S. government bans the import of Japanese boneless beef following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease near Miyazaki on April 21.
Although Agricultural Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu told reporters in Tokyo that most cases have been discovered and the number has risen from 118,160 to 205,000 cases. Each case will be culled and animals will be treated for the disease before slaughtered to avoid any further infections. FMD is not a risk to people as it is with animals.
With the lack of Japanese beef entering the country, a $6 million industry in the United States, the demand for domestic beef will increase.
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