NRCS Working to Protect Wetlands Habitants

Conservation is always a priority at the United States Department of Agriculture. The Natural Resources Conservation Service is accepting applications for a new program to protect, restore, enhance and manage habitats for wetland-dependent wildlife.
The Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program is a voluntary conservation program that works alongside tribes, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations to protect wildlife across the United States.
The NRCS is accepting proposals for projects, watershed-wide or larger geographic areas. All entries must be received by May 24 and must be turned into a local office. Proposals cannot be submited by fax, e-mail or the Web site.
Funding can be used on agricultural or non-agricultural land for conservation purposes. Each entry will be evaluated on a personal basis and will be sent through a competitive process determined by the USDA.
More information is available at the Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program’s Web site or the Natural Resources Conservation Services’ Web site.
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