Thousand Cankers Invades California

California nut producers have a new problem on their hands. Over the past year a disease has hit walnut trees and made a significant impact.
“Thousand Cankers” is a fungal disease that is carried by the walnut beetle. This tiny pest lands on black walnut trees, spreading the fungus.
Currently, “Thousand Cankers” has been found in 15 counties across California stretching from Los Angeles to Sutter.
The disease appears as oval shaped, inky cankers perturbing from the tree, and can be multiple inches tall.
There is no known cure for “Thousand Cankers,” but researchers are currently working towards one.
Not only does the disease attack black walnut trees, but has been found on a number of hybrid walnut trees in various orchards across the state.
The only cure to the disease is putting a stop to it. This means trees infected with “Thousand Cankers” must be burned to the ground.
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