California Farm Bureau Supports Nominee

The California Farm Bureau released a statement that said they fully support U.S. Senate nominee Carly Fiorina. The Republican congresswoman has big plans for California businesses.
California Farm Bureau President Paul Wenger said, “Carly Fiorina seems like an obvious choice for us. As a business leader, she understands how important it is for government to live within its means. She knows how government regulation may start out with good intentions but can end up crushing small businesses under a mountain of paperwork.”
Fiorina has ideas for economic growth in California including lower taxes and less unnecessary regulations.
Fiorina plans to restore waterflow to farms and ranches, which would make one of the biggest impacts to farm bureau members. Wenger also said, “She has pledged to work diligently to bring relief to the thousands of farmers and their employees who face chronic water shortages. We need more action in Washington to create sensible, balanced policies that benefit both our environment and our economy.”
Voting takes place in the general election this fall.
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