Wisconsin Dairy Farmers are Heard

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation (WFBF) met with a committee of 20 Wisconsin dairy farmers to discuss solutions to short term and long term dairy prices.
After discussing possible solution a few decisions were made. One major short term solution to the increasing concern for dairy prices is to move the excess dairy products to the world market instead of storing all products in a government warehouse, untouched. The bureau would also like to extend lines of credit to farmers in need.
Another favored proposed solution is to expand the USDA’s Economic Emergency Loan Program to include economic disasters. This would be done by doubling funding for the 2010 guaranteed loans and waving fees for any loans given.
Ideally the bureau would like to obtain any dairy products currently being stored by the government to donate to food pantries across the state. Members feel the food is just wasted sitting in these warehouses when the needy could use the excess food.
Aside from the proposed solutions, the bureau also decided there are a few moves that shouldn’t be made. First they believe that the Dairy Product Support Price program should not be expanded because it is not benefiting farmers as it should. It is also agreed that the government should not buy excess products to raise the dairy prices.
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