Loans Available for Wisconsin Farmers

According to the acting director of Wisconsin’s Farm Service Agency (FSA), Sandy Chalmers, 95 direct farm operating loans, a total of $6.9 million, have been dispersed. These loans all fall under the Recovery Act targeted for Wisconsin.
Not only have the farm loans been given out, but they were handed out as quickly as possible to help out struggling producers.
“These loans will be used to purchase farm equipment, feed, seed, fuel and other operating expenses by providing American farmers funds to operate,” Chalmers told the Wisconsin AG Connection.
The money comes from $173 million the FSA received from the economic stimulus package. On a national level, $145 million of this will be used to fund loans to 2,042 farmers. The maximum loan per farmer is $300,000.
These loans coincide with the Recovery Act because they are to be used to invest in the agricultural sector, hopefully generating jobs. The money will be used to benefit family farmers and rural economies.
For more information visit the FSA’s Web site.
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