Chokeberries a new Cash Crop?

Carandale Farms, in Oregon, Wisconsin, has received a $10,000 Dane County Ag Enterprise grant to assist the farm in growing and marketing Chokeberries, also known as Aronias.
Chokeberries are gaining popularity because they are incredibly rich in health benefits. Chokeberries contain very high amounts of antioxidant pigment compounds. Antioxidants are the biggest fighters against cancer and heart disease. Researchers have found the berries also benefit those with chronice inflammation, ulcers and liver failure. The berries contain a great deal of Vitamin C.
The berry is normally found on shrubs growing in swamps and woods across North America. It can be used to make jams, wines and flavoring for drinks and yogurt.
The grant is being used in hopes that Chokeberries will become a new cash crop for local farms.
“Dane County’s agricultural economy is so vibrant because our visionary, innovative farmers keep trying these new products and exploring new markets to sell them,” Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk said. “Success with this new project will mean more income for Dane County’s innovative growers.”
The Agricultural Enterprise Grant program was created by Falk to assist farmers to grow their business, $3 billion a year are set aside for this program.
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