And The Wisconsin Census Says…

Profits are up!
According to the latest agricultural census, Wisconsin farmers saw great profit from skyrocketing grain and milk crisis from 2002-2007.
The farm profit seemed to jump from $18,000 in 2002 to $35,000 in 2007. In this time the amount governments handed out to farms dropped from $6,700 to $4,000.
The value of Wisconsin livestock and crop sales increased 60 percent from $5.6 billion to $9 billion.
Despite the increase in sales, costs to manage a farm also increased significantly from $60,000 to $86,000. As commodity prices drop, fertilizer, feed and other costs continue to increase.
This is why farming is scene as “a world of suffering right now,” Shelly mayer, executive director of the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin said.
The census is done every five years to see the current situation of farms. This includes size, number and value of land. Although there is a heavy decline in milk prices, livestock and certain crops have greatly increased.
Wisconsin is also one of the fewer states that had an increase in the number of farms. Although on two percent difference, 78,500 farms cover 15 million acres of Wisconsin today instead of 77,000 in 2002.
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