Representatives React to 2013 Farm Bill

Representatives recently went on the record defending and attacking the 2013 Farm Bill. The bill is a controversial attempt by Republicans to sidestep divisive debates over food stamps and nutritional subsides by separating food stamps from farm legislation.
The farm bill has been stalled in Congress for the past year. Despite the best efforts of the Senate, Republicans in the House have refused to pass a new farm bill. Last summer’s bill was killed in committee when John Boehner refused to allow the bill onto the House floor. This year, Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the bill due to food stamp spending.
Earlier this week, the House passed a standalone farm bill, one that separated food stamps from farm legislation. While this bill garnered enough Republican support to pass the House, all Democrats voted against it.
“Splitting the farm bill is not ideal and certainly wasn’t the path I would have chosen, but at the end of the day, we need to get a farm bill into conference with the Senate,” said South Dakota representative Kristi Noem.
“This is a fake farm bill,” said Louisiana Democrat Bruce Braley. “It’s nothing less than a wolf in sheep’s clothing that would dismantle the farm bill itself.” Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow also attacked the bill, calling it “an insult to rural America.”
While the bill passed the House, it is unlikely to pass the Senate, leaving farmers in no better position now than they were back in June. This situation will likely affect the farm financing market.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer