South Dakota's New Crop: Carbon

The South Dakota Farmers Union is supporting a new program that pays farmers to store carbon in their soil. The group is supporting President Obama’s climate-change legislation that includes a “cap and trade” system that offsets the release of greenhouse gases by giving farmers subsidies to store carbon in their land.
Storing carbon works best with the farmland is not disturbed. The less it is disturbed, the more carbon it will hold. The Chicago
Climate Exchange program is a positive for any farmer involved. Farmers help the environment by storing carbon and offsetting the release from companies sending pollution into the air. The program also gives farmers another opportunity to earn income off their land, especially when dairy prices are going down.
South Dakota is currently the second carbon sequestration state, only behind Nebraska. Anyone who qualifies for the program should apply immediately. Those farms in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and range land, no-till land, newly planted tree claims and forest land all qualify.
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