South Dakota Pulse Crops

South Dakota producers have the option to establish base acres for pulse crops effective 2009 through 2012 crop years under the 2008 Farm Bill according to the Farm Service Agency in South Dakota.
“The addition of pulse crop base acres to a tract may increase the total base acres on a farm,” Tom Kostel said. “This new option can increase the eligible payment acres for the farm if the farm participates in the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) Program.”
Dry pease, letils, large chickpeas and small chickpeas are all elgible crops for the program.
Pulse crop base acres and yields are based on the acreage and related yield history from the 1998 through 2001 crop years. The pulse crop base acres are only eligible for counter-cyclical payments. Direct payment rates were not established for pulse crops and therefore direct payments are not authorized for pulse crops for 2009 through 2012 crop years.
Producers must elect crop by August 14, 2009.
Producers have three options for establishing pulse crop acreage as base acres on their farm:
Option 1: Do not add eligible pulse crop base acres; retain current base acres.
Option 2: Add eligible pulse crop base acres to the 2009 base acres on the tract without offset of existing base acres.
Option 3: Add eligible pulse crop base acres to the 2009 base acres on the tract with an offset of base acres on the tract.
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