Farmers Embracing Technological Transformation

Despite a popular image of farmers as outdated, bucolic troglodytes, the farm sector has often been on the cutting edge of technological development, embracing new concepts and technologies to boost production and increase profits.
Agricultural production occupies a strange place in American culture. Despite being one of the most important (and profitable) parts of the US economy, the total number of farmers is shrinking and the rural population is on the decline. While many Americans think of farming as old-fashioned, it often relies on innovative technologies.
In addition to mundane technologies like new chemical fertilizers and pesticides, farmers have embraced new forms of engineering (including unmanned drones to monitor planting and robotic technology to automate harvesting).
The technological turn has reached so far that parts of the Great Plains have become known as the Silicon Plains, and many farmers, both new and experienced, are seeking farm loans to capitalize on these innovations. In places like South Dakota, major agribusinesses have set up industrial sectors that research new farm technologies. Raven Industries in Sioux Falls, for example, has been praised by the US Department of Agriculture for developing more precise methods of applying pesticides and fertilizers.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer