BP Wind Energy Proposes Expansion in Weld County, Colorado

Weld County (Colorado) will soon be the home of a wind farm boasting 364 turbines.
The large farm is expected to generate 300 megawatts of electricity which can power about 90,000 homes. BP Wind Energy owns the facilities in Weld County which currently has 273 turbines, but the company is planning on adding 127 more. The entire farm will take up over 30,000 acres of land.
Construction, consisting of over 250 workers, will begin by the start of summer and company will be adding 12 to 14 jobs to the current operation.
The expansion was approved at the beginning of March by Weld County’s by the county planning commission, but still needs approval from the County commissioners.
Wind farms are growing in popularity across the country thanks to President Obama’s push for renewable energy. The government offers a number of subsidies to farmers who make the eco-friendly decision to add wind turbines to their farms.
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