Agriculture Vital to Economic Recovery

Farming and ranching today is a significant part of the American economy. While only 1 percent of American citizens are actively engaged in agricultural development, these farmers and ranchers provide food and agricultural products for over 300 million Americans. In addition to the obvious need for fruits and vegetables, farming and ranching creates 1 in 12 jobs and over $20 billion in trade.

In addition to these impacts on the national economy, farming and agriculture is linked to the health of local communities. Over the last 20 years, farmers have worked to develop and maintain consumer relations with locals. These efforts have taken the form of farmers markets and community-supported agriculture. Many farmers even directly sell their produce to local school districts.

These expansions of local agricultural production are extremely beneficial to local economies. Not only do they create lasting ties between agricultural producers and consumers, but they also create employment opportunities and increase income within a community, as discovered by the USDA’s Economic Research Service. A Michigan State University similarly concluded that if Michigan residents met their USDA dietary guidelines for fruits and vegetables by eating locally raised Michigan produce, that the state could generate 2,000 new jobs and $200 million in new income.

While the national economy may still be in a recession, farming and agriculture are vitally important to increasing the economic health of the United States. Farm loan rates are at historic lows starting at only 3.03%. Call 866-929-5585 to speak with a Farm Plus representative today or visit us online for more information.