Oregon Enters Top Five

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued the annual wind industry market report for 2009 last week.
Oregon is now one of the leaders in wind energy. The addition of a wind farm on the west coast pushed the state above Minnesota, one of the leading states.
Currently Oregon sits at the fifth largest producer of wind energy. Over 2009 the country 5,700 new turbines which is enough power for 2.4 million homes. The survey also found that 1.9 percent of the national’s electricity comes from wind power.
Texas, Iowa, California, Washington and Oregon are the top wind energy-producing states.
Industry experts believe that wind power will grow even more this year with renewable energy standards going into effect in various states. 29 states already have such mandates. Turbines are mostly found on the Pacific Coast and in the Midwest according to the report.
Government subsidies are available for renewable energy additions. For more information visit your local Farm Service Agency office.
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