On-Farm Energy Production Survey

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is conducting a survey to further explore results from the 2007 Census of Agriculture.
According to the census 20,000 farms and ranches said they produce their own energy. The On-Farm Energy Production Survey will not only confirm this information, but further explore what type of energy farms and ranches are producing and how much.
“Given the growing national interest in energy efficiency, this survey is especially timely,” Stephen Ropel, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service New York Field Office director said. “The results will provide agricultural producers, policy makers and the public with factual data about the economic and environmental implications of on-farm energy production.”
The USDA is interested in the use of win turbines, solar panels and anaerobic digesters.
“This is a chance for farmers and ranchers to demonstrate the steps they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure the sustainability of our new land, water and air resources,” Ropel said.
Farmers and ranchers have until May 24 to respond to the survey that will be published in February 2011.
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