Eastern Idaho Gains Wind Farm

Blackfoot, Idaho will soon be the home of a 33-wind turbine farm stretched across 2,971 acres of farm land.
The proposal was approved by the Planning and Zoning committee at a meeting last week. The project was proposed by Western Energy of Utah. Melody Halstead, Planning and Zoning Administration told Idaho State Journal that no one opposed the idea at the meeting, but if an appeal is filed within ten days of the approval the project will be halted.
Wind farms are popping up across the country because they are an innovated way for farmers to add a new income from their land and make extra money. There are a variety of low-rate loans available from the USDA to cover expenses through programs such as the Rural Development Program. The government offers a number of subsidies as well for those generating renewable energy. For more information visit the USDA’s website.
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