Soybeans Grown for Bio-diesel

The Colorado Agricultural Value Added Development Board awarded $150,000 in Advancing Colorado’s Renewable Energy grants to two projects that focus on bio-diesel production.
$100,000 was awarded to the International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (ICAST) in Lakewood, Colo. This money will be used to implement two farm-scaled oilseed crushing and bio-diesel production facilities. ICAST, in partnership with Colorado State University in Fort Collins, will be using a location feedlot in Stratton, Colo.
Ralphy Shay, sustainability project manager for ICAST said, “By producing meal with the oilseeds, we can actually make the project viable. The biodiesel in this case is the coproduct. We’re hoping to use this as a demonstration project so that other producers see how it can be done.”
Instead of commonly used sunflowers, Shay said soybeans will be used instead. The facility is expected to be open in the summer and will produce 100,000 gallons of bio-diesel a year. The glycerin byproduct might be diluted with wastewater and sprayed onto fields, or it might be used as a feed additive.
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