Colorado’s First Blender Pump Launched

Colorado launched its first blender pump on April 8, 2010 in Burlington.
The pump, located at the Stratton Equity Coop, is the first of ten pumps ready for use in the state. The remaining nine pumps do not currently have a home. The Colorado Corn Growers Association is looking at a variety of locations.
John Stulp, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture, said that the United States consumes 10 billion gallons of ethanol a year and the blender pump will help cut usage by seven percent. Growing corn for ethanol in America has boosted the corn industry as well. “We’re marketing about three million bushels of our members’ corn that’s going into productions,” Dan Slingel, general manager of Stratton Equity Coop, said.
Steve Scott of the Colorado Corn Growers Association adds that ethanol production has helped increase the price of corn crops, and added 250,000 jobs to the state through production and construction.
The additional pumps are expected to be up in the next year, but no dates are finalized.
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