Wheat Farmers May Benefit From Colorado Rains

With much of the state still recovering from recent flooding, some Colorado farmers may be reaping the benefits of the state’s historic deluge.
Earlier this month, Colorado experienced record-rainfall and unprecedented flooding across the Front Range. The amount of rainfall was a once in a millennium event, with 500-year floodplains across the state becoming submerged.
With thousands of homes destroyed, 10,000 people evacuated, and more than $2 billion in estimated damages, much of the state is still reeling from the scale of the disaster. This holds true for much of the state’s agricultural sector. Corn production, the state’s number 1 cash crop, may suffer as flooded fields lead to rotting crops.
Some farmers, however, may benefit from the historic rainfall. Colorado wheat farmers, who have long been struggling with drought conditions, may see their harvests improved by the rain. About ¼ of the state’s wheat production is concentrated in counties that have seen increased rainfall because of the unusual weather, but not enough rainfall to do major harm to their fields or infrastructure.
“Overall, this will have a positive impact,” said Darrell Hanavan, executive director of the Colorado Association of Wheat Growers.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer