Colorado Wineries Have Record Harvest

Colorado wineries plan on a good vintage year with record harvests. Mild weather during the late summer led to slow ripening of grapes for a good vintage year and record harvests.
Numbers recorded in 2006 show harvests were at 1,515 tons, but this year’s harvest was between 1,800 and 2,000 tons.
“It’s our biggest and one of the better quality harvest we’ve had,” John Garlich, owner of BookCliff Vineyards told The Examiner.
Fellow winemaker, Nancy James agreed. “It was a long, not terribly hot season. We got great ripeness,” she explained.
Most wineries in Colorado are located on the Western Slope. The Grand Valley is where most vineyards call home, located along the Colorado River and West Elks region along North Folk Valley.
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