Southern Colorado Facing Drought Conditions

Farmers and ranchers in Colorado are concerned that drought like conditions could harm their crops in the upcoming season.

    Colorado Springs is reporting that drought conditions already exist. The U.S. Drought Monitor has labeled the southern most part of Colorado as “abnormally dry”. The southeast corner of the state is not as concerned because it is only at “moderate drought” levels. They were originally under radar, but precipitation from the Front Range (El Paso and Teller counties) moved the level up.
    For most people these both sound frightening unless you have a full understanding. Moderate drought levels means that there could be a shortage if the trend continues. Worsening conditions are unlikely along the Front Rage because the snow from the mountains will melt into water.
    However, in the most southern parts there is a concern because the surface water is at low levels. For agriculture this will cause massive problems. For starters obviously there will not be enough water to properly irrigate the crops. The soil will become dry and the wind will blow away the nutrient-rich topsoil. Let’s not forget that worms and micro-organisms need moisture to survive in the soil as well.
    Colorado is behind fellow state California who is currently addressing the problem.