Colorado District Promotes Local Agriculture

With the agriculture industry struggling with problems such as declining milk prices, everyone is working together to keep the industry thriving. At the Delta Conservation District’s annual meeting on Feb. 20, local food and farm education programs were the spotlight.
The meal itself featured a menu full of locally grown produce, meat and beverages (wine and juice). The feast was intended to showcase the diversity and quality of Delta County’s agriculture. The menu included prime rib, salad, potato bread, dessert, wines and juice.
The meeting also included a presentation of the new “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” campaign. This campaign supports the local industry and economy. It shows consumers the fresher products are a healthier choice and better for the environment. This campaign is set nationwide.
The meeting also included a presentation called “Teens on Farms.” It is no secret the average farmers is between 55-60, and it is important to educate younger people to interest them in the industry. This program provides work skills, mentoring and job skills by spending time with local farmers. “Teens on Farms” also includes a summer day camp for teens between the ages of 13-18 to learn the basics of working in agricultural occupations.
The Delta Conservation District has been around since 1951 to encourage land conservation. It incorporates ideas from the New Deal program set by the Franklin Roosevelt administration.
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