Colorado Farm Uses Basic Business Practices

Colorado’s Longmont Dairy Farm Inc. is an inspiration to many in a gloomy economic time. The farm has been in business since 1968, but has seen steady growth over the years due to basic business practices.
“Our growth has always been slow and intentional-one customer at a time, one cow at a time,” Susan Boyd, co-owner of the business. “I think that’s the one business model that has worked for us. It’s called the hoeing corn. You just plod along, you move at the pace you can comfortably move.”
Boyd points out that adding 1,000 customers at a time wouldn’t work because “we couldn’t supply them with milk. The number of cows we have is in balance with the number of clients we have.”
In 2008 the farm recorded 10.7 percent increase in revenue.
That revenue is from generating products and customers they can handle, but also by using bottled milk. Recycling the bottles 15-20 times saves a great deal of money on packaging. It not only saves money, but helps improve the environment. “Glass is a nonporous container- there’s no foreign flavor,” Boyd points out.
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