Panda Cow Debuts in Colorado

In Colorado, farmer Chris Jessen is the proud owner of a newly-born rare miniature cow that resembles a panda.
The “panda cow’ was born in Larimer County and is only one of 24 “panda cows” in the entire world. The Loveland Reporter-Herald said the male calf is named Ben and his mother is a lowline Angus cow. He was born Friday (December 31).
Jessen raises miniature cattle on his hobby farm that is also home to miniature kangaroos. A miniature panda cow is not common because it is a genetic manipulated species. Some specific traits include a white belt that encircles the midsection and a white face with black oval eyes that make the cow appear just like the Chinese panda bear.
These cows are so rare they sell for up to $30,000 at fairs and auctions. The panda cow made its first appearance on the television over the weekend on LIVE Report.

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Written by: Melissa Warner / Farm Plus Financial staff writer