AFBF Responds to Proposed Biofuel Production Plan

Although the Obama Administration has announced plans to increase biofuel production, the American Farm Bureau does not currently take sides on the matter.
Bob Stallman, president of the AFBF released a statement explaining that farmers and ranchers are encouraged to help keep renewable energy fuel standards on a path towards greatness. This will be done by increasing the volume of biofuels available for the nation’s transportation fuel supply.
Stallman said, “We will be analyzing the rule in its entirety, but we are optimistic about the overall direction of support it offers renewable fuels.”
The AFBF’s biggest concert is the indirect land use. “Continuing to utilize indirect land use changes to calculate greenhouse gas emissions is unfair to domestic biofuel,” he said. “We will continue our efforts with policymakers on both sides of the aisle and in the administration to assure that biofuels live up to their enormous potential.”
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