Disease Threatening Wisconsin Cattle

According to recent reports by Wisconsin agricultural officials, Anaplasmosis, an infection disease spread by insects like ticks and mosquitoes, could pose a serious threat to Wisconsin cattle in the near future.

Spread by common pests like ticks and mosquitoes, Anaplasmosis can be difficult to treat effectively. Parasites spread by insect hosts attach to red blood cells. When attacked by the body’s immune system, the red blood cells are destroyed, which causes anemia, weakness, and sometimes death. Since the parasites hide in the blood stream, it can be difficult to fully eradicate the illness, which can become a chronic condition in some animals.

Typically found in tropical and subtropical climates, Anaplasmosis is relatively rare in Wisconsin. Some farmers and agricultural officials believe that the disease may have initially spread from cattle imported from Southern states.

The discovery of several native Wisconsin cows afflicted with Anaplasmosis has worried some farmers. An outbreak of the disease could be devastating to Wisconsin cattle farmers. As such, Wisconsin veterinarians are advising farmers to be vigilant regarding the health of their animals.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer