Romney Announces Ag Committee

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently announced that his campaign was creating an Agricultural Advisory Committee designed to counsel the candidate on agricultural issues, and potentially help him transition as president, should he win the upcoming election.

However, despite his current status as the Republican frontrunner, Romney’s nomination is anything but guaranteed. The past month has seen a political rollercoaster within the Republican ranks as former Governor Romney and former Senator Rick Santorum traded primary victories across the country.

Over the course of the increasingly bitter primary season, several of Romney’s controversial past positions have become known. Particularly problematic to members of the agricultural community were his positions during the 1994 Massachusetts Senate race, when candidate Romney advocated the virtual elimination of the Department of Agriculture, as well as significant reductions in farm subsidies.

Romney’s tune has seemingly changed over the past several years. When announcing the creation of his agricultural committee, Romney stated, “Our country’s farmers and ranchers provide the most abundant, safest, and affordable food supply of any country in the world. Not only do they feed our country, they also are responsible for feeding billions of people across the world. They provide jobs for millions of Americans and are an integral part of our economy. Along with these leaders in agriculture, I will work to ensure that our food supply will remain steady, safe, and affordable for our citizens.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer