Conservation Reserve Program Seeks Applicants

Sign up for the Conservation Reserve Program will begin on August 2 and run through August 27 according to the United States Department of Agriculture.
Under the 2008 Farm Bill, the United States Department of Agriculture approved the enrollment of 32 million acres. The Conservation Reserve Program allows farmers and ranchers to enroll land for rental payments and assistance payments to conserve farmland across the country. These deals are set in contracts of 10 to 15 years.
Throughout the sign-up period, ranchers and farmers can offer eligible land to the Conservation Reserve Program to their county United States Department of Agriculture of Farm Service Agency office.
Jim Miller, USDA undersecretary pointed out the importance of the program. He said, “America’s farmers and ranchers play an important role in improving our environment, and for nearly 25 years, CRP has helped this nation build sound conservation practices that preserve the soil, clean our water and restore habitat for wildlife.”
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