USDA Releases "America's Diverse Family Farms, 2010"

According to the new United States Department of Agriculture report, “America’s Diverse Family Farms, 2010 Edition,” 98 percent of farms across the United States are family farms.
This should come as little surprise following the last Agriculture Census. The report states not only do family farms control the agriculture market, but they account for 82 percent of the farm production in the United States. Most farm assets are found in small farms as well.
Despite the control of the market, small farms do not make the most income due to the cost of operating such a business and families tend to live off the farm income. The report states, “Because small-farm households receive most of their income from off-farm work, general economic policies- such as tax policy or economic development policy-can be as important to them as traditional farm policy.”
Despite their contributions, large corporate-scaled farms lead the markets in sales.
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