DuPont, Deere Announce Precision Equipment

DuPont Pioneer, the agricultural seed division of the DuPont chemical company, recently announced a partnership with John Deere to develop and produce precision farm programs designed to maximize agricultural efficiency.
While agriculture is often popularly understood as backwards and unsophisticated, farmers and ranchers are often at the cutting edge of technological development and are quick to capitalize on recent scientific breakthroughs. Farmers, for example, have recently seized on the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles for use in farm production.
DuPont and Deere are hoping to capitalize on this innovative streak (and are hoping to beat agricultural giant Monsanto to the punch) by developing a series of integrated precision agriculture programs. These programs would offer farmers guidance on planting, crop treatment, and pest control, to name a few, by integrating wireless data transfer systems to farm equipment.
According to DuPont Pioneer Director of Services Joe Foresman, this is only the beginning for the chemical company. “As we build and demonstrate value for the farmer it creates that opportunity for us to have value recognized,” said Foresman. “It’s really a good foundation to build from.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer